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Vreo (VR Video) is based on a three-dimensional rendering engine Five and user interface build library React implementedlike three-dimensional space player.


We abstract the dynamic behavior of the three-dimensional space with the concept of the drama.Traditional theatrical books mainly depict stories and shape human images, while Vreo Theatre focuses on the dynamic expression of three-dimensional spatial information.

The traditional drama is usually composed mainly of words and stage instructions , and similar concepts are found in Vreo theater.For example, the stage in the Vreo Theatre is to render three-dimensional spaces in which the words speak digital topics and subtitles.

Stage instruction refers to a descriptive description of in the theatre - content includes an image of the person, psychological activity, emotional change and scene, description of the atmosphere, time, location, action and requirements for artistic handling, such as lights, layouts, sound effects, etc.

In Vreo Playbook instead of showing stage instructions in narrative description , we define camera mirrors, three-dimensional effects, space actions, etc. as play frame.Since our original intention was a dynamic expression of three-dimensional spatial information, there would be no claims for personal image, psychological activity, emotional change, etc. Similar modules are available in three-dimensional spaces.

Feature Introduction

Vreo supports panorama labels, space text, model effects and other functions such as 3-dimensional dynamic walking and mode switching, mainly classified as:

  • Camera mirrors:supports three-dimensional space panorama tours, rotation, mirror switches, etc. similar to movie mirrors.
  • Custom module:provides modular customization capability for popup words, panoramic tags, video ads, space text etc.
  • Built-in effect:provides rich dynamic effects such as panorama effects, video effects, household animation, model effects, etc.
  • Unique virtual image rendering capability:supports users to simulate virtual images on web pages, using voice displays, camera mirrors, and customizations to enable intelligent instructions.

You can also access Vreo Demo experience Vreo feature.

Dependency Description


The play player function is based on a three-dimensional capability view if your system is not currently integrated for 3D space capability, please go to like 3D documentation for more information.